Why travel is important to build life experiences

Life is all about experiences. And unlike material things, experiences stay with us no matter where we go. Finding ways to make the most of our life experiences is a challenge that we face every day. As human beings, we like to put a value on the things we pursue. We like to feel that what we are doing has a meaning. This purpose is important to our well-being, as it’s from those experiences in life that we learn and grow. Pursuing what we love brings us invaluable life lessons about ourselves and the world around us.


What is there more to love than traveling? Traveling is a unique experience as it’s the best way to unplug from the pushes and pulls of daily life. It helps us to forget about our problems, frustrations, and fears at home. During our journey, we experience life in different ways. We explore new places, cultures, cuisines, traditions, and ways of living. We could never experience these things at home. This is why travel is such a unique and invaluable life experience. Besides, there are many benefits of traveling, such as improved health and learning new skills. And as we learn and benefit from traveling, we feel more purpose in our lives. This article focuses on why traveling is important in building our life experiences.

Life experiences while camping and traveling

Life experiences while camping and traveling


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Traveling gives us a better understanding of the world


If you remain in your home town or country for your whole life, it is hard to fully comprehend the world. You will never get to experience other countries’ struggles, celebrations, and traditions.


You can argue that the media does show you these things. However, the media often portrays the negatives of a country, while the positive stories go unreported. Think about the war in Syria and how your current perceptions of the people and the country are. The media enables us to build walls and barriers to understanding. The only way to overcome this is to explore and see things for ourselves in the real world.


Every country can be vastly different from another. The dialects, food, music, religion, and traditions differ. Being exposed to these unique cultures allows us to become open-minded and understand that even though we appear to be different, we also have many similarities as humans. In spite of looking different, we share the same hopes and dreams. All cultures love their children, are proud of their culture, and work to improve living conditions for their families. These similarities are what bring us together. Traveling allows us to celebrate differences while encouraging ourselves to be more tolerant of each other.

travel is important

Traveling together in Canada


Traveling challenges our beliefs and values in life


If your whole life is dedicated to staying at home in your familiar surroundings, your perspective on life will never be challenged. You will never be able to compare your experiences at home to those of others besides your narrow circle of friends and family.


By traveling, we get to experience how people around the world live their lives. We learn where their priorities lie and how they view family, work, education, the environment, etc. This may question and influence our own ideas and beliefs on how to live life. Traveling will open our mind to a host of new possibilities.


As such, traveling is a great learning experience. And it is up to you on how to apply that learning in your own life. Whether you a learning a new language, trying out new things, developing new passions, or simply becoming more confident as a person, the skills you gain while traveling will help you for the rest of your life.

Travel is an important life experience because it influences our own beliefs

Learning about other cultures influences our own ideas and beliefs on how to live life


Traveling allows us to establish new relationships


One of the most important benefits of traveling is the opportunity to build friendships and connections with people from all around the world. Sharing our travel experiences with others is what makes it an enriching life experience.


We usually don’t meet many new people at home. We already have our close group of friends and family, so there is no real need to get out and meet new people. This means that we are typically less open to new relationships.


Traveling makes meeting new people very easy. We are constantly surrounded by other people, whether we find ourselves in a hotel bar or on an excursion. We can easily connect over food, new places, music, and culture. We also often have similar interests and values, making the conversation flow easier

Even if we met someone for just a few days, the connection and memories may last a lifetime. In our globalized world, these connections are more important than ever in life. They may open doors to new possibilities in our future life.

Travel is an important life experience as you connect with others

While traveling we are constantly surrounded by others

Traveling enhances personal growth

Traveling often involves stepping out of our comfort zone and experiencing new things. These new experiences are different from our daily routine activities and help us grow on a personal level.

Each travel journey brings unique situations and challenges to overcome. For example, when you are traveling solo you may be challenged to become more responsible and independent. By dealing with these situations, you will discover your own strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc. This self-awareness is important to your personal growth and discovering who you really are.