Remarkable: Unbelievable weight of the world’s smallest baby

Canadian artist Camille Allen, 35, creates intricate miniature baby sculptures that fit in the palm of your hand. Each sculpture is meticulously handcrafted over several weeks, starting from a lump of clay.

Using tiny tools like toothpicks, Camille sculpts lifelike or miniature babies, paying attention to fine details like wrinkles and fingernails. These “Egg Babies” are often placed within eggshells or seashells, enhancing their fragility and symbolism.

Camille’s work resonates with customers, evoking sentimental and emotional responses, especially for bereaved parents seeking a form of therapy.

The sculptures range in price from $99 for a single newborn to $1,500 for intricate hugging twin sculptures, available on Camille’s weЬѕіte.




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