Heartbreak After Hope: Blind Rescue Dog Returned to Kennels Just Days After Finding New Home

Blind but beaming, Benedict the German Shepherd captures hearts after winning Best in Show but returns to kennels in search of a forever home.

An adorable blind dog was returned to kennels just days after finding a new home.

Three-year-old, Benedict lost both his eyes to an infection – leaving him unable to see.

But this has never stopped him from smiling.

On 24 March, the German Shepherd left for what he thought would be his forever home.

On the day of his adoption, Benedict entered the Immingham Dog Homes’ dog show.

Benedict, who is originally from Romania, won Best in Show and was awarded a medal.

The proud pooch was snapped beaming as he wore his winning ribbon.

But just eight days later, the dog rehoming centre in Immingham, near Grimsby, said that things didn’t work out for Benedict in his new home.

He was taken back to kennels after he did not get on with the other dogs in his new home, according to Need To Know.

The dog’s home says Benedict, rescued from Romania, needs to be the only dog in the house but can socialise with other dogs .

They say he is wary of lots of noise, as he can’t see what’s going on.

A spokesperson for Immingham Dogs Home said: “Sadly Benedict’s home did not work out.

”He definitely needs to be the only dog in the house but can socialise with other dogs.

“This amazing happy boy is around three years old.

”Benedict has had a hard time.

”He had an infection in his eyes, but sadly they couldn’t be saved, so he is now completely blind .

“This hasn’t affected his happiness and once you meet him you will see he is the happiest boy ever .

“Benedict has been in foster care and is house-trained.

”He adjusts well to any setting and doesn’t let his blindness stop him.

“He walks well out and about and loves going for walks.

“He loves balls and always has one in his mouth.

”He doesn’t go anywhere without one .

“He hasn’t met any cats and would prefer children over 12 yrs as he does need a quieter home as lots of noise can stress him as he can’t see what’s going on.

“Benedict isn’t keen on other dogs, so does need to live as an only dog.

“Benedict is fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

“Full rescue backup provided”

Dog lovers were left heartbroken after hearing Benedict’s story.

One person, called Stacy Eley, said: “I’m so gutted for him.

”I really hope he finds the best forever home very soon!”

Diane Taylor said: “There must be someone for our beautiful boy.”

Yvonne Harris said: “You will find your forever home Benedict, it’s just gonna take a little while longer.”

”This is so sad and heartbreaking for this boy,” said Christine Winter.

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