Against All Odds: The Remarkable Journey of a 17-Year-Old Mother Raising 7 Children Without Family Support

Society often reacts negatively to young mothers, no matter how hard their fate may be. Fortunately, there are still people who help women who find themselves in a difficult situation. Pamela Villaruel from the Argentine city of Leone is one of these women. She is only 17 years old, but she has already given birth to seven children – a boy and six girls. And she’s raising them without a husband.

She gave birth to her first child when he was only 14 years old, but the guy left Pamela with the baby in his arms. It would seem that this was supposed to be a lesson for the girl, but she met someone else and got pregnant again. This time God sent her triplets! It was then that the newly-made father made his legs. Four children is quite enough, you might think, but not for Pamela.

And as if wanting to prove to herself that she was still in shape, Pamela immediately found a new boyfriend. The result was a new pregnancy! And triplets again! And a new separation. Fortunately, the authorities did not leave this poor mother alone with her problems, and allocated her a pension of 800 pesos, a large house and a plot of land.

A 17-year-old mother works hard to feed her children and is not dependent on her parents. Pamela’s mother appealed to the authorities with a request to bandage her daughter’s pipes, but the law allows this procedure to be done only from the age of 21. By the way, all her parents were of legal age, but managed to escape punishment

And although many help Pamela raise children and send donations to her and the kids, some believe that the girl has become a victim of her own negligence and inability to take care of herself.

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