Adorable moment: Melting with the moment a 2-year-old baby takes care of her newborn sister

Estelle Royle Peters shared an adorable photo on the Facebook page “Breastfeeding Mama Talk” of her toddler attempting to breastfeed her newborn sister. The older child had purple and blue stains from blueberries, adding a cute toᴜсһ.

In the picture, the eldest daughter is shown wearing only a diaper as she leans over her baby sister, mimicking her mother’s nursing posture. The image has garnered over 2,400 likes since its Saturday posting.

Many viewers were moved by the sweet moment, with some sharing their own stories of older siblings trying to feed their younger siblings in a similar manner.

Overall, the photo showcases a heartwarming bond between the siblings and has ѕрагked a sense of community among mothers sharing their experiences.


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