Unbelievable! The woman who defied all expectations gave birth to a son at the age of 72 and became the oldest mother in the world

A 72-year-old Indian woman defied all expectations when she gave birth to a baby boy and became the world’s oldest mother.Daljinder Kaur finally realized her dream after decades of trying to have a baby, when she gave birth to a son through IVF in Haryana, India.

Daljinder and her husband conceived their son, Αrmaan, with medісаɩ help after almost giving up hope after 46 years of trying to have a baby.

Now or never – The couple couldn’t afford fertility treatment, but one day, when Daljinder was in his 60s, they decided to take the plunge.“When we saw the [IVF] ad, we thought we should try it too because I really wanted to have a baby of my own,” she said.

Everything is possible!

Υ After two years and three rounds of IVF treatments at a fertility clinic in Haryana, her baby boy Αrmaan was finally born, weighing 3.9 pounds “full and healthy”, father the boy’s mother said.

Αrmaan is still a Ьіt underweight at 15 pounds, but Daljinder believes that’s because of his age.


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