Oᴜtѕtапdіпɡ difference: The twins with different skin colors attract the attention of many people

Identical twins born in Nigeria have garnered attention on Instagram due to their strikingly different skin colors. Daniel and David, born to their mother Stacey, are as dissimilar as night and day, with one having black hair and the other, born with albinism, having white skin and golden hair.

Stacey shared her surprise at their differences, as even ultrasound scans didn’t reveal the contrast. David has albinism, a гагe genetic condition that affects melanin production but is healthy overall.

The twins gained global attention shortly after birth, and Stacey’s husband nicknamed their second-born “Golden” due to his hair color.

Despite their external dissimilarities, the twins share similar personalities and are growing up as normal siblings, alongside their older sister.


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