Claуton Kerѕhаw choѕe to сome baсk to the Dodgerѕ, and іt turned out to be а ɡreat deсіѕіon.

Clayton Kershaw won’t take another casual vacation for the rest of his career. Last season, there were questions about whether Kershaw would return to the Dodgers, move back to Texas to play for his hometown Rangers, or just retire from baseball altogether.

He chose to come back to the Dodgers, and it turned out to be a great decision.

Kershaw looked dominating in 2022, and even started the All-Star game for the first time in his career.

But a year after an offseason of uncertainty, nothing has changed.

Doug McKain of Dodgers Nation has debunked all the rumors surrounding Kershaw and the rest of the Dodgers rotation, as they enter the season much earlier than expected.

The Dodgers have a lot of free agents on their pitching staff, so their rotation is likely to be very different next season. But the biggest question will always revolve around the team’s performance over the past 15 seasons. So Dodger fans can hope he decides to return at 16.

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